One Way Inn

ONE WAY INN is a youth group and youth centre where teens can experience the life-changing love of Christ through interaction with committed Christians in a safe and caring environment.

BACK IN 1972 a small group of young people at Bendale Bible Chapel saw the opportunity to adopt a revolutionary idea: to fill a need in the lives of teens by providing a venue for concerts and dialogue.  They called this project the One Way Inn Coffee House.  Forty years later, the OWI is still going strong and has become a mainstay in the Scarborough community.

ONE WAY INN is and has been Coffee House and Concerts; Dropin and Youth Events; Ministry Team and House Groups; TGIF and Juniors Only; Youth Classes and Retreats; Games Nights and Movies Nights; Quest and the Highway; a Community, a Place to Meet Friends, a Place to Meet Jesus!