Protocols in place to keep everyone safe during COVID:

  • Masks must be worn indoors by everyone. I know that isn’t fun but I see it as part of “loving your neighbour as yourself.” No one wants to get sick, so we’ll all show love for our neighbour by protecting each other.
  • Maximum of 40 people allowed in lower auditorium (when Drop-in equipment is in the room).
  • When equipment is used, it will be spaced out to allow for social distancing and will be sanitized between uses with bleach spray, Lysol wipes or dish detergent solution depending on the surface.
  • The kitchen is currently closed. No refreshments will be served or permitted.
  • Washrooms will be sanitized with bleach solution halfway through events.
  • All volunteers/staff are required to complete a health questionnaire online before the program.
  • Everyone will enter through the back door by the kitchen but exit by the double doors in the lower auditorium by the piano.
  • Everyone will have a digital temperature check using a touchless “gun”.
  • Everyone will get hand sanitizer from the free-standing touchless dispenser.
  • No table will be in the hallway for coats. This will also provide a clear pathway in the hall. (Coats will remain with the children or teens).
  • Parents will be asked to pre-screen their children before bringing them and teens will be asked to pre-screen themselves before coming. But they will again be asked these questions upon arrival: Do you have any symptoms for COVID 19?  Yes or No? Have you travelled or had close contact with anyone who has travelled the last 14 days? Yes or No?
  • Attendance and contact information will be collected at each event or Drop-in.
  • Children and teens should not arrive before the event time, in order to give leaders time to take their positions.
  • A parent or guardian of Juniors Only children will be asked to come in with their child during the registration process, in the unlikely event that a child needs to be sent home.
  • Parents will be asked to leave as soon as possible after their child is settled into their socially distanced location in the lower auditorium and exit through the door by the piano.