A Changed Life

My Life Story: Kelliann Robinson I grew up in a Christian home and I can never remember a time when my family did not go to church. Through out my life, I tried hard to be a good Christian and I can remember getting baptized when I was 11 years old. I really wanted with all my heart to make God proud of me but I always felt that there was something missing, there was something wrong. It was a nagging feeling in the back of my mind and I could never quite figure out what it was. Then at … Continue reading

The Bridge to God

If you’d like to know what a relationship with Jesus is all about, check out The Bridge! Take a look.  This presentation will hopefully help you to figure out where you are, and where you ultimately – and eternally – need to be.  God bless! View The Bridge here Dean Westacott, OWI Youth Leader

A Shelter In The Storm

As I thought about what I might share today to comfort and encourage Trevor’s family and each of us who have come here today, I couldn’t help but think of a book in our church library entitled What is a Family? by Edith Shaeffer. In her book she gives some wise, wonderful and meaningful answers to this question. A family is … A door that has hinges and a lock A birthplace of creativity A place where truth is passed along A museum of memories I’m quite sure that Trevor’s family would definitely agree that this has been their experience … Continue reading