A Shelter In The Storm

As I thought about what I might share today to comfort and encourage Trevor’s family and each of us who have come here today, I couldn’t help but think of a book in our church library entitled What is a Family? by Edith Shaeffer. In her book she gives some wise, wonderful and meaningful answers to this question. A family is … A door that has hinges and a lock A birthplace of creativity A place where truth is passed along A museum of memories I’m quite sure that Trevor’s family would definitely agree that this has been their experience … Continue reading

It’s Like Hockey Is In Mourning

It was a year ago yesterday that the Toronto Maple Leafs’ diehard fan — Trevor (T-Man) Lewis — went early to his grave, and it is therefore almost fitting that a lockout has virtually ensured no NHL hockey will be played in the first full season since his passing. “With Trevor gone, it would have been impossible to watch the Leafs play this year anyway,” his mother said, “With no hockey, it’s as if the Leafs and the league are mourning him too. At least that’s what I tell myself.” Each day, without failure, Sandra Lewis dons her Maple Leaf … Continue reading

Tie Domi Keeps His Word

When the post-mortem of the Toronto Maple Leafs’ home opener against the Ottawa Senators was being conducted, hockey scribes hung most of the goat horns on Tie Domi for coughing up the puck on a “weak clear,” thereby allowing Sens’ captain Daniel Alfredsson to tie the game with only 62 seconds remaining. Overtime came up fallow, and then a shootout. The Leafs lose their first of the long-awaited season. As the Air Canada Centre emptied, two sisters in wheelchairs—both quadriplegics—were waiting outside the Leafs’ dressing room, the oldest to meet her hockey hero. She wore a replica of his jersey … Continue reading

T-man’s Goodbye Draped in Blue ’n’ White

Sandra Lewis went to the grave Wednesday morning where her son lies buried in his Tie Domi hockey jersey, first to dust the freshly fallen snow from the flowers, and then to plant a Toronto Maple Leaf flag next to the temporary marker that bears her son’s nickname. Trevor Lewis—the beneficiary of two heart transplants, now dead at the age of 19—loved to be called T-man. The pallbearers at his funeral last week all wore Maple Leaf hockey jerseys, and each will soon have T-man emblazoned on the back, along with the number 84, for the year in which their … Continue reading

In Honour of Trevor Lewis

The sadness falls over everyone Loving parents have lost their son They wanted so much to have him live To laugh and play … so much to give But alas, it couldn’t be this time ’Tho he hadn’t even reached his prime God had chosen this brave young man As part of his unique life’s plan

Leafs Lose True Fighter

Because he was a fighter, as in a fighter for life over an odds-on death, and because he was the hardest of a diehard Toronto Maple Leaf fan, 19-year-old Trevor Lewis will be buried Tuesday in his cherished Tie Domi jersey. When his casket is wheeled down the aisle of Scarborough’s Bendale Bible Chapel, it will be draped with the blue-and-white Maple Leaf banner, and the pallbearers walking alongside will all be wearing Maple Leaf jerseys. And if his parents’ wishes come true, every mourner in the chapel will forsake the formality of shirt and tie, or blouse and skirt, … Continue reading

Your Memories of Trevor

Trevor was such an amazing person. He touched the lives of many people, and will forever be considered a Hero. No matter how ill he felt, and no matter how tough things were getting, Trev always had a smile on his face. He missed so much school because he was sick, but he always wanted so badly to get back to school as soon as possible and see his friends. What a bright attitude for such a young person. My memories of him will always be positive ones… he has inspired me to always look at the positive side in … Continue reading

Trevor “T Man-84” Lewis

A great and wonderful man. Beauty, strength, joy, compassion, courage, humour, smiles, and above all Love. These were the gifts we all were given. A determination to be kind, thoughtful and caring with all things in life. A true heart of Gold. Let us all remember.