God Deserves Better

It made me feel physically sick to my stomach.  

It was probably this spring, though it could have been earlier.  After leaving the kids program at my church one Monday night I got into my car with my wife, my daughter and a friend.  As I drove to my friend’s house to drop him off, we carried on our typical conversation about science fiction and superheroes – you know, all the good stuff.  Turning onto Eglinton, I saw the billboard in question. Like I said, it made me sick.



It was a Virgin Radio ad with a picture of Usher.  I drove on in disbelief.  Have we really come to this point? Do we care this little?  Some of you (bless your innocence) might be unsure what those letters stand for, so I’ll fill you in.

Oh My God.

Oh My F***ing God.

Consider this.  A group of marketing experts sat around a table in some boardroom one day and somebody said, “Hey, let’s take the F word and use it as an adjective (or, really, a poorly used verb) and apply it to the name of God!  That’ll get people to listen to our station.”  And then they did it.

I don’t have much more to say on the subject.  It makes me profoundly sad.  God deserves better. He made the world, then us.  When we couldn’t meet his standards he sent Jesus to meet them for us.  He deserves better than to have his name cursed on a billboard.  

Let’s give him better.

Matthew Westacott, OWI Youth Leader

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