In Honour of Trevor Lewis

The sadness falls over everyone
Loving parents have lost their son

They wanted so much to have him live
To laugh and play … so much to give

But alas, it couldn’t be this time
’Tho he hadn’t even reached his prime

God had chosen this brave young man
As part of his unique life’s plan

To teach us all that we must be
Vibrant & happy everyday … you see

Because the life God gave us is a special one
Trevor knows that, he fought and won

He stayed much longer, because God knew
This courageous young man had so much to do

To make his parents & siblings proud
And, in spite of ill health, was part of a crowd

Of friends that loved him, they won’t forget
Trevor will be with them … they must not fret

So don’t say goodbye as you leave him today
Because he’s with us ………. in our hearts to stay.

It’s an honour to know of you Trevor

Maggie Woodburn 18/11/03

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